Materials Innovation
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The World’s Leading Provider of Innovative, High-Performance Soft-Material Solutions

Shawmut makes materials.

We make next-generation textiles and coated fabrics engineered to solve hard problems and help you achieve your product vision. 

The foundation of our success is expertise across a broad range of material technologies that we combine in innovative ways to create flexible materials with the right properties to meet your unique needs.

Materials that perform.

Shawmut materials perform in some of the toughest applications in some of the world’s most demanding industries.

Our materials experience across industries has taught us how to understand your performance challenges and design a material that will excel for your applications.

Materials that tell your story.

You succeed when your products tell a rich and compelling story to your market. We combine functionality with design to help tell that story. 

We work closely with you to translate evolving technology and design trends insights into custom materials with the appearance, texture, and functionality that support your design vision.

Where you need them.

If you have a global footprint, we can be there with you. We operate a global platform on three continents.

And with a large presence in the US and in North America, we also excel at meeting contract requirements for US-made goods, and at reshoring manufacturing as global trade challenges multiply, no matter your industry.

Sustainability is no longer a luxury, it’s an expectation.

We have been working with sustainable yarns for longer than most, and have years of experience with sustainable options. Using carbon footprint measurement methodology, we can choose more sustainable outcomes for you throughout the design and production stages. 

Our recycled-content and recyclable materials dramatically reduce water and energy consumption, dyes and chemical usage, raw materials from petroleum chemicals, and the burden on natural resources and downstream recycling programs.

Discovery, problem solving, and materials innovation for a better world.

What is it that matters to us? What is it that gets us excited? How do we make a difference in the world? At its core, it’s about discovery and problem-solving. This is who we are as a company.

By reputation, people think about us whenever they are looking for a solution to a complex materials problem. We create materials that don’t exist today, to create a better tomorrow for you and your customers.

Deliver compelling innovation.

We strive to use materials expertise and unique market insights to deliver compelling innovation for you that makes a difference.

It starts with our deep knowledge about specific materials, how to combine them, how to test and evaluate them, and how to create new materials working in partnership with world-class customers and suppliers.

Advanced Materials Are
Building Our Future

Working with the world’s most innovative companies gives Shawmut a unique perspective on where we’re going as a civilization, and how we’re going to do it. Explore along with us on our News and Blog.

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