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Shawmut creates filtration media for both liquid and air applications. 

Shawmut is proud to be part of the worldwide push for innovative textile water filtration technologies as a producer of technical fabrics used as permeate carriers for a wide range of reverse-osmosis filtration processes and high PH configurations, and many other liquid filtration needs.

Our custom-formulated meltblown air filtration media is produced in-house using the world’s most advanced process technology and is exceptionally efficient for its weight and thickness.

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Whether we are addressing your liquid or air filtration challenges, we strive for innovative solutions to add value.

Help solve global clean water shortages with textile technology.

Shawmut’s high-performance RO-Flow™ Permeate Carrier Fabrics are crafted using bicomponent low-melt yarns and are built for maximum channel integrity. Leveraging decades of engineering expertise, Shawmut updated the fabric structure to offer enhanced durability within high-pressure systems, maintaining a high level of channel flow, while also delivering low pressure constructions using the same technology. The patented bicomponent multifilament/monofilament hybrid tricot knit uses less material to achieve greater results, with an innovative design that delivers firmness, stability, and maximum permeability.

Maximize breathability in a filter media that is built to block airborne particles at N95 filtration performance.

It’s a challenge to make a filter media that maximizes airflow but also blocks enough airborne particles to meet NIOSH standards. We started with the world’s best melt blown filter media equipment – from Germany’s Reifenhäuser REICOFIL GmbH & Co – and engineered it to produce the optimal balance of fiber size, thickness, weight, and proprietary static charge to meet this challenge. The result is Shawmut MB™,  a filter media other mask manufacturers are coming to us to make for them due to its high filtration properties, low air resistance, and light weight.

Reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible while producing high-tech materials that look, feel, and perform like they were virgin-sourced.

Shawmut produces RO-Flow™ Permeate Carrier Fabrics for reverse osmosis using antimony-free, bicomponent yarn in our state-of-the-art Park Avenue Technical Center in Burlington, North Carolina. An eco-friendly, safer alternative is achieved through the patented incorporation of heat treated bicomponent yarn to fuse the fibers without the need for harsh chemicals or epoxy. 

Shawmut’s Park Avenue Technical Center is the company’s first ISO 14001 certified facility. It is 100% landfill-free, with less than 1% of the waste from the Technical Center going to a landfill, and instead repurposed through recycling and other external sustainability operations. Additionally, Shawmut has made strides in its water conservation efforts at the Park Avenue Technical Center, cutting water usage by nearly 75% over the last several years.

Make filtration media in the USA to compete with global commodity sources.

Supply chain issues have demanded that many manufactures look at reshoring or near-shoring suppliers and raw materials sources over the past few years. We’ve taken that opportunity to produce air and liquid filtration fabrics that are a higher quality than what can be sourced overseas, is a more consistent quality, can be acquired in a fraction of the time, and provides innovation that allows for an overall delivery of higher value. 

Our innovative patented manufacturing process for our RO-Flow™ liquid filtration fabrics eliminates the use of glues and chemicals that others need to meet our performance metrics.

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