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As the premier provider of engineered materials solutions and flexible multi-layer materials for automotive interiors, we create a wide range of automotive material solutions — from sun visors and automotive headliner fabric to door and console trims, overhead sunshades, and automotive seating fabrics.

With a range of laminating services and advanced process technologies that are unmatched across the market, we are dedicated to customer collaboration and custom solutions capabilities to bring unrivaled value to our customers.

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Shawmut’s attention to detail, reputation for quality, and performance are unmatched in the industry. Learn how we can help you advance your program.

Engineer moldable automotive interior fabrics for multiple surfaces that last for years in the extreme environment of an automobile interior.

We develop our automotive fabrics to meet stringent tunable elongation and barrier performance specs for molding applications. They are built to endure extreme temperature cycling, extreme pressure, heat, shear and pull forces, while retaining lightfastness, precision color matching, water repellency, flame-retardant performance, and durable soil release properties. 

As much as anything, we are selling our innovation capabilities. The foundation of our success is expertise across a broad range of material technologies – textiles, fibers, lamination, nonwovens, films, foams, surface treatments and coatings. 

Reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible while producing high-tech materials that look, feel, and perform like they were virgin-sourced.

Sustainability is no longer a luxury, it’s an expectation. 


We have been working with sustainable yarns for longer than most, and by developing these materials early we have years of experience with sustainable options. Our Post-Consumer Recycled Content fiber components are specifically engineered for superior performance. This includes high risk bottle plastic fiber that is collected within 30 miles of coastlines. 

Our recycled-content materials dramatically reduce water consumption, natural gas and other energy consumption, dyes and chemical usage, raw materials from petroleum chemicals, and the burden on natural resources. Using carbon footprint measurement software, we can choose more sustainable outcomes throughout the design and productions stages.

Perfectly color match headliner, sun visor, and sunshade fabrics as each goes through different production processes to create their final assembly parts.

Our vertical integration from yarn design and creation through coloration and finishing and unmatched lamination expertise allows us to hit those marks year after year, program after program, better than anyone else. Our certified material testing and color labs are unmatched in the industry for precision and repeatable color control. 

It all starts with our high-tech dye matching for color and consistency. We’re experts in jet dyeing, beam dyeing and tank dyeing, as well as controlling the finishing process to understand how a color might shift in the finishing, heat setting, lamination, adhesive or molding processes. 

Dependably meet rigorous specs for multiple products with consistent output for the multi-year life of the program.

Our Program Management team is built around customer collaboration and exceeding expectations throughout the PPAP stages and well into production. Since we start at the yarn level, we can custom craft the correct yarns, fabrics, dyes, finishes, and lamination processes to meet the exacting specs that automakers present. That prevents surprises later in the production process and eliminates delays. 

Our automated rapid inspection (both optical and visual) allows us to keep waste at an extreme minimum. Our materials testing labs are equipped with a wide range of OEM and International Standards testing specifications and procedures, and our Park Avenue lab is A2LA accredited, while our production facilities have ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 quality registrations.

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