Medical Device Industry

Custom Medical Materials and Manufacturing

Building Trust into Every Material We Make

Many of the medical industry’s leading OEMs trust Shawmut with their highest challenges for medical composites and components.

Shawmut is a significant and critical supplier of non-woven, woven, knit, and laminated advanced materials and composites for incorporation into a wide variety of medical devices, orthopedic equipment, medical fabrics, and gowns.

Our advanced process technologies include the expertise to laminate thin barrier films to various substrates — providing the highest barrier protection while maintaining the natural high-performance wear and comfort properties of the substrates and films, no matter the application.

Medical Device Industry Applications

DVT Prevention
Shawmut’s state-of-the-art RF welding capabilities are critical to DVT wrap components.

Surgical Gowns
Shawmut is a significant and critical supplier of laminated barrier fabrics for surgical gowns.

Orthopedic Bracing
We excel at soft composites used against the skin in a wide variety of orthopedic bracing.

Arm Slings
We bring contract manufacturing capabilities from design through packaging.

Inflatable Medical Devices
Whether you require waterproof seams, airtight seals, or customized designs, our expertise and inflatables welding equipment deliver exceptional results.

Fetal Monitor Straps
Strapping and unbroken loop applications for medical devices and wearables are key competencies for Shawmut.

Our high-efficiency meltblown filter media is a crucial component in the production of surgical masks and respirators.

Lymphedema Prevention
Shawmut is a world leader in innovative materials for medical fabric and medical device applications.


We create solutions to your production challenges

Fabrics Engineered to Solve Hard Problems

Whether it’s a specific color with a functional texture, or a breathable, autoclavable viral barrier with a sleek technical look, Shawmut brings complex design visions to life.

Contract Fabrication and Innovative Materials Development

In addition to materials development, we can take on your fabrication or assembly project in-house and on-shore, saving critical time and supply chain frustrations.

Engineered Solution to Improve RF Yield and Throughput

We designed a solution to increase capacity constraints that allowed the client to re-shore RF production and achieve over 1 million units annually with JIT methods.

Advanced Textile and Composite Lamination Technologies

We apply our expertise in textiles, fibers, foams, films, coating, laminating, and surface treatments to develop custom engineered composites for medical applications.

How can we help you solve your most pressing medical device materials challenge?

Medical Device Industry Capabilities