High-Performance Permeate Carrier Fabrics

Built to Your Specifications

Welcome to the Future of Water Filtration

We understand that each water filtration application is unique. That’s why our world-class design, engineering, technical, and program management staff are at your service for collaborative innovation and accelerated product development. 

We specialize in manufacturing Permeate Carrier Fabric to meet your precise specifications, ensuring a filtration solution that aligns perfectly with your needs. Our Permeate Carrier Fabrics adhere to the highest standards, being FDA-compliant and certified by both the NSF and KIWA, ensuring a filtration solution of utmost quality and safety that you can rely on.

Features and Benefits

Unrivaled Channel Integrity

RO-Flow™ fabrics boast maximum channel integrity, retaining strength and durability even after rigorous use. This resilience translates to a consistently high flow rate over an extended service life.

Optimized Construction

Our fabrics can be constructed with a thinner profile, allowing for increased wraps around the membrane. Wider channels on RO-Flow™ Permeate Carriers result in enhanced fluid volume output and a more efficient flow rate compared to other fabrics

Hybrid Tricot Design

The innovative tricot design provides flexibility for membrane customization while maintaining exceptional channel integrity. This minimizes compression and flow loss over time, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Patented Construction

Covered by US Patent # 9,636,637 B2, the patented bicomponent multi-filament/mono-filament hybrid tricot knit uses less material to achieve greater results, with an innovative design that delivers firmness, stability, and maximum permeability.

Eco-Friendly Fusion

Our proprietary RO-Flow™ fabrics incorporate heat-treated bicomponent yarn, fusing fibers without the need for harsh chemicals or epoxy. This eco-friendly approach sets a new standard for safety and sustainability in water filtration.

Water Filtering System in Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plant Using RO-Flow

and Applications

  • Reverse Osmosis, Microfiltration, Nanofiltration, and Ultrafiltratio

    Excel in various filtration processes, from microfiltration to reverse osmosis.

  • Drinking Water Desalination

    Ensure the purity of drinking water and tackle desalination challenges with our FDA-compliant fabrics and materials designed for optimal performance.

  • Dairy Products and Wine

    From dairy processing to wine filtration, RO-Flow™ fabrics deliver exceptional results.

  • Natural Gas

    Extend the utility of our fabrics to natural gas applications, showcasing their versatility.

  • Diverse Industries

    Explore applications in food, beverage, pharmaceutical processing, and beyond.

Discover RO-Flow™

The Shawmut Difference

Customer Collaboration

Our team is committed to working closely with you to understand your requirements and challenges. Through collaborative efforts, we create tailored RO-Flow™ solutions that address the specific demands of your application.

Accelerated Product Development

Time is of the essence, and our streamlined processes enable accelerated product development. Benefit from faster turnaround times without compromising on quality and precision.

In-house Pressure Testing

Rest assured; every RO-Flow™ fabric undergoes rigorous in-house pressure testing. This ensures that the fabric’s construction aligns seamlessly with specific membrane service requirements, including pressure and flow rates. Our commitment to validation guarantees optimal performance in real-world filtration scenarios.

Made in the USA

Choose Shawmut’s RO-Flow™ with confidence, knowing that it’s proudly made in the USA. Our dedication to excellence extends to the heart of our operations, contributing to the strength and reliability of American manufacturing.

Contact us today and unlock superior filtration with RO-Flow™ High-Performance Reverse Osmosis Permeate Carrier Fabrics.

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