Textile, Dyeing, and Finishing Technologies

Global Vertical Integration and Control of Fabric Formation Produces a Superior Product to Tell Your Story

Shawmut Makes Materials That Perform

Our applications experience across industries has taught us how to understand the performance challenges to design and finish a material that will excel in the application. 

Shawmut’s advanced control process allows for complete product traceability from polymer chip to laminated product. Our core competency in color development and color consistency is unmatched in the industry. 

Our Shawmut Design Studio, located in the heart of the automotive and creative design communities in Southern California, is a dynamic hub for design and concept development.

Textile, Dyeing, and Finishing Challenges We Solve

Our vertical integration from the fabric design to the warping stage, through knitting, dyeing, coating, chemical finishing, and mechanical finishing such as calendaring, Moiré, and napping ensures that our lamination process, or your cut and sew process, will go as smoothly as possible.

Textile Design
  • Customer collaboration infrastructure
  • Ability to design to specific comfort, aesthetic, sophistication or performance targets
  • Lightfastness, water repellency, and flame-retardant performance
  • Extreme temperature cycling
  • Precision color matching
  • Extreme pressure, heat, shear and pull
  • Durable soil release properties
  • Warp knitting
  • 2, 3, and 4-bar Tricot knitting
  • Ability to knit to 220” wide
  • Spacer knitting
  • Patented filtration tricot knit
  • Elasticity, controlled elongation and stretch for supreme moldability 
  • Sustainable solutions and recyclability
Color Dyeing
  • A2LA accredited labs
  • Rapid color formulation
  • Custom color development
  • Precision color matching
  • State-of-the-art color control and consistency over long program life
  • Jet dyeing
  • Beam dyeing
  • AI automated optical inspection
  • Finishing up to 220” wide
  • Dyed fabric is finished to achieve target properties (width, weight, etc.)
  • Pre-tensioning and heat setting to ensure stability in future processing steps
  • Simultaneous runs to increase production flow
  • Advanced finishing techniques to improve or impart specific properties
  • Drapability for comfort and appearance
  • Multiple mechanical finishing technologies, including brushing, napping, sueding, Moiré, and calendaring
  • Durable protective properties through the rigors of numerous launderings and critical end-use applications
  • AI Automated Optical inspection

Textile, Dyeing, and Finishing Capabilities

Textile, Dyeing, and Finishing Featured

Explore in more detail how Shawmut can add textile, dyeing, or finishing value to your textile product’s story.

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