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Materials and Product Development for Advanced Product Applications

Creating Your Tomorrow, Today

From idea to concept to reality, we will help you engineer your tomorrow. With our end-to-end research and product development solutions, your tomorrow can be here sooner than you know. 

Our global team believes that no challenge is too great, and we have a long history of solving a wide variety of industry needs through dynamic and innovative advanced materials approaches.

Technical Solutions Challenges We Solve

Our mission is to deliver the most dynamic, all-around advanced materials solutions to exceed your standards. 

Engineer demanding, precise and technically advanced laminates to meet ultimate challenges.

We make advanced materials and next-generation textiles and coated fabrics engineered to solve hard problems. We develop new materials that help our customers achieve their product vision. As much as anything, we are selling our innovation capabilities.


The foundation of our success is expertise across a broad range of material technologies – textiles, fibers, lamination, nonwovens, films, membranes, foams, surface treatments and coatings.  


We can produce laminated materials to meet stringent tunable elongation and barrier performance specs for technical molding applications. We can build to endure extreme temperature cycling, extreme pressure, heat, shear and pull forces, while retaining lightfastness, precision color matching, water repellency, flame-retardant performance, and durable soil release properties over several laundering or application cycles. 

Offer options to help reduce your carbon footprint when producing high-tech materials

Sustainability is no longer a luxury, it’s an expectation.


Using carbon footprint measurement methodology, we can choose more sustainable outcomes throughout the design and productions stages. We have been working with sustainable yarns for longer than most, and by developing these materials early we have years of experience with sustainable options. Our Post-Consumer Recycled Content fiber components are specifically engineered for superior performance. 


Build trust into every product we make for the medical device industry

The one word that describes success in the medical device field is “trust.” If healthcare providers cannot trust your product to perform exactly the same every time, they will not use it.


Shawmut has decades of building trust into our materials we produce for medical device manufacturers, whether they are barrier fabrics for reusable or single-use surgeons gowns, to stretch laminates for orthopedic products, to welded inflatable laminates that cycle through hundreds of thousand of air pressure loads, to simple hook-and-loop laminates that must stay in place after repeated use. 


We put that trust into every medical product we make, and it starts with US-sourced materials and products engineered and manufactured in North America. Shorter supply chain, longer trust.

Create and produce a new advanced material to meet a specific and unique challenge.

We have been providing custom solutions for composite materials, advanced engineering, and fabric design since 1916.


We are leading innovators in materials science, working with a wide range of fabrics, nylons, foams, polyesters, polyurethanes, thermoplastics, cellular sponges, and more. We field state of the art equipment, from flame laminators to rotogravure printers, in order to ensure the best workmanship possible. 


 As an ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified company, we are efficiency oriented, implementing lean manufacturing methods that both minimize waste and reduce costs.

Technical Solutions Industry Capabilities

Technical Solutions Industry Applications