Contract Fabrication and Innovative Materials Development

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Shawmut is a world leader in innovative materials for medical fabric and medical device applications. We specialize in non-woven, woven, knit, and laminated advanced materials for a wide variety of medical fabrics, apparel and gowns, and medical equipment and devices.

In addition to materials development, we can take on your medical device fabrication or assembly project in-house and on-shore, saving critical time and supply chain frustrations.

We bring medical device contract manufacturing capabilities from design through packaging to assist our customers by providing components, semi-finished or finished products.

Contract Fabrication Challenges We Solve

Are you ready to upgrade or reshore your medical component or device manufacturing?

Custom Materials Design
  • Collaborative process with customer designers and product teams
  • Ability for the product or material to tell the customer’s story
  • Product development engineering
  • Small scale R&D production capabilities
  • Certified materials testing labs
  • Sustainable solutions and recyclability
  • Environmental cycle testing
  • Precision color matching
Medical Device Fabrication
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Outsource manufacturing
  • Computer-aided design
  • Materials sourcing
  • Rapid prototype development
  • Semi-finished or finished product
  • Medical device component assembly
  • Fabric and component lamination and welding
  • Packaging
Reshoring of Supply Chain
  • Re-shoring of material and device development
  • Re-shoring of manufacturing and assembly
  • North America supply chain of raw materials
  • Lower freight and transportation costs
  • Rapid response supply chain timeline
  • Small-scale development and prototyping runs
  • In-house certified testing labs
  • Over a century of advanced materials expertise
Performance Materials
  • Moisture and UV barrier
  • Controlled breathability and/or moisture vapor transfer
  • Elasticity, controlled elongation and stretch for supreme adaptability
  • ASTM 1670/1671 for blood and blood-borne pathogen protection
  • Thin barrier film expertise
  • Durable protective properties through the rigors of numerous launderings and critical end-use applications
  • Drapability for comfort and appearance
  • Sustainable production

Medical Device Fabrication Manufacturing Capabilities

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