Composite Materials Engineering

Next Generation Textiles and Coated Fabrics Engineered to Solve Hard Problems

A Century of Innovation

We don’t sell a “standard” product. We develop new materials that help our customers achieve their product vision. As much as anything, we are selling our innovation capabilities.

The magic comes when we combine advanced material technologies in innovative ways to create new advanced textile materials with unique properties to meet market needs.

We apply our expertise in advanced textile composites, fibers, foams, films, coating, laminating, and surface treatments to develop custom engineered, high-performance flexible materials to help our partners solve hard problems

Advanced Materials Fabrication Challenges We Solve

With a critical eye and product-innovating approach towards the verticals we serve, our mission is to deliver the most dynamic, all-around advanced materials solutions to exceed our customers’ standards. By putting our customers’ unique needs first, we have earned a reputation as a trusted advanced materials and textiles manufacturing company across the vast array of industries we serve.

Custom Materials Design
  • Collaborative process with customer designers and product teams
  • Ability for the product or material to tell the customer’s story
  • Established design studio in Southern California
  • Sustainable solutions and recyclability
  • Environmental cycle testing
  • Precision color matching
  • Ability to design to specific comfort, aesthetic, sophistication or performance targets
Sustainable Innovation
  • Prioritizing carbon impact in our development portfolio
  • Adopting carbon life cycle analysis as a key New Product Development (NPD) measurable
  • Leading the auto interiors market with 100% recycled and recyclable fabrics and recyclable alternatives
  • Market focus on customers with a compelling climate vision
  • Reducing water consumption, emissions and landfill across our operations
Performance Materials
  • Moisture and UV barrier
  • Controlled breathability and/or moisture vapor transfer
  • Elasticity, controlled elongation and stretch for supreme moldability
  • Insulation and stealth technologies
  • Durable protective properties through the rigors of numerous launderings and critical end-use applications
  • Drapability for comfort and appearance
  • Precision color matching
  • Sustainable production and recyclability
Turn-Key Global Solutions
  • Global sourcing supply chain
  • Vertical materials manufacturing on three continents
  • Global program management
  • Complex materials development across continents
  • Global certified testing labs
  • Consistent product experience globally

Advanced Materials Development Capabilities

Advanced Materials Manufacturing Featured Solutions

Our core capabilities include these end-to-end research and product development solutions.

Consulting & Contract Materials Development​


Sustainable Innovation


Custom Materials Design


Turn-Key Global Solutions


Advanced Materials Manufacturing Applications

Automotive Interiors
We are the largest producer of laminated warp knit headliner fabrics in the world.

Medical Devices
From medical laminates and inflatables to custom soft goods fabrication.

RO Filtration
Shawmut’s permeate carrier fabrics are vital components in the reverse osmosis process.

Alternative Fuel Technology
Shawmut engineers are helping to meet the challenges of alternative energy sources.

CBRN Protection
Unlock the key to high-performing CBRN fabrics with Shawmut engineering.

Footwear, Outerwear and Performance Wear
Our technical composite fabrics cover a wide range of performance and protection.

Shawmut engineers have met the challenge of combining lightness with performance.

Technical Composite Fabrics
Shawmut excels at developing unique technical fabric processes based on engineering expertise.


Sustainable Innovation

The materials we use in our daily lives are a major contributor to the carbon emissions and climate change. Materials innovation capability will thus be central to the overall climate change solution, and we think Shawmut has an important role to play.  

We have implemented carbon life cycle analysis modeling, are focusing a major portion of our development activity on carbon reduction and have shifted our market focus to customers with a clear climate commitment. 

We are now a leader in the introduction of 100% recycled and recyclable alternatives for automotive interiors including our vegan Neoluxe® suede fabric. And we are working aggressively to reduce our own operational emissions footprint as well.