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Shawmut North Carolina
Shawmut Corporation

Who We Are

who we are Providing custom solutions for composite materials, advanced engineering, and fabric design since 1916. Corporate Profile Shawmut History Founded in 1916 Vertical knitting

Shawmut Corporation

Research and Development

CORE CAPABILITIES End-to-end Research and Product Development Solutions SOURCING CONSULTATION Leveraging our in-house advanced materials technologies expertise and our global supply network, we pride ourselves

Shawmut Corporation


CORE CAPABILITIES Eight Advanced Process Technologies That Shape Our Products We offer tried-and-true streamlined services that help our customers and partners move their innovative projects

Supplier Information

SUPPLIER MANUALS Committed to Excellence Shawmut is committed to excellence in fabric formation, lamination, coating, and manufacturing to deliver high-performance materials and components to the

Shawmut Corporation


Dynamic Automotive Materials and Interior Solutions As the premier provider of engineered materials solutions and flexible multi-layer materials for automotive interiors, we create a wide

Shawmut Corporation

Health & Safety

Health & Safety Advanced Comfort, Performance, and Protection Contact Us Featured Products N95 Respirators Learn More » Non-Surgical Isolation Gowns Learn More » Looking for

Shawmut Corporation


PROTECTIVE COATINGS AND TECHNICAL FABRIC Protective Advanced Materials for Extreme Conditions We produce added-value laminated components for a diverse set of protective coatings and applications.

Shawmut Corporation

Footwear and Outerwear

FOOTWEAR AND OUTERWEAR Extraordinary Advanced Materials for Anything but Ordinary Conditions Our product development process begins with breathable, durable, and flexible materials. Along with serving

Shawmut Corporation


Water filtration and textile innovation Solving Global Water Shortages With Textile Technology As the world’s population continues to rise, the scarcity of natural resources is

Shawmut Corporation

Custom Solutions

Forged Through Creativity We leverage our advanced process technologies and expertise to deliver custom-engineered materials solutions to solve the complex challenges industries face internationally. Our

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