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Shawmut Technical Composite Solutions

Shawmut is a world leader in innovative materials for medical fabric and medical device applications. We specialize in non-woven, woven, knit, and laminated advanced materials for a wide variety of medical fabrics, apparel and gowns, and medical equipment and devices.

In addition to materials development, we can take on your fabrication or assembly project in-house and on-shore, saving critical time and supply chain frustrations.

We bring contract manufacturing capabilities from design through packaging to assist our customers by providing components, semi-finished or finished products.

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Your Dedicated Team

Shawmut’s Tijuana facility, established in 2014, is an ISO 9001 certified and FDA-registered state-of-the-art manufacturing center with 130 employees. It is backed by the global Shawmut team of TCS designers, engineers and product development experts.

Our West Bridgewater, MA, facility specializes in creating cutting-edge materials tailored for medical device and commercial applications. Our expertise extends beyond materials development, with the capabilities to handle fabrication and assembly projects in-house and on-shore.

Fabrication and Contract Manufacturing Services

Water-Based Adhesive Lamination

Shawmut’s proprietary water-based adhesive lamination technology offers versatility and excellent bonding for technical fabrics and durable applications.

Thermal Lamination

Our thermal laminators are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of lamination of flexible materials. 

Die Cutting

Shawmut’s die-cutting offers the versatility and power required to handle a diverse range of materials effortlessly, ensuring high-quality pieces that meet your exact specs.

Slitting and Sheeting

Shawmut excels in slitting and sheeting and can handle a variety of materials, ensuring accurate widths and clean edges.

RF Welding

Whether you require waterproof seams, airtight seals, or customized designs, our expertise and state-of-the-art RF welding equipment delivers exceptional results.

Ultrasonic Sewing

Ultrasonic Sewing is a stitch-free technology used to create a bond between the layers that is leak-proof (sealed) while not having any stitch lines. 

Sewing Service

We offer a wide range of single-needle sewing options to meet your specific requirements, ensuring exceptional results that stand the test of time.

Thermal Welding

Shawmut’s RF welding equipment ensures precise and dependable heat application, making it suitable for a diverse range of textiles and substrates.

Thermal Transfer Printing

With expertise in variable data printing, barcoding, and labeling, Shawmut ensures accurate and reliable thermal transfer printing results.

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities