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Shawmut is a world leader in innovative materials for medical fabric and medical textile applications. Our advanced process technologies include the expertise to laminate thin barrier films to various substrates — providing the highest barrier protection while maintaining the natural high-performance wear and comfort properties of the substrates and films, no matter the application.

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Shawmut is a significant and critical supplier of non-woven, woven, knit, and laminated advanced materials for incorporation into a wide variety of medical fabric, medical gowns, and medical equipment and devices.

A sampling of the critical applications we are helping to solve include:

  • Medical fabrics
  • Medical gowns
  • Surgical drapes
  • Face mask filtration
  • Disposable surgical gowns
  • Reusable surgical gowns
  • Deep vein thrombosis garments
  • Inflatable medical devices
  • Tracheotomy Straps
  • Medical restraints
  • Fetal monitor straps
  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Patient transfer sheets
  • Medical mops
  • Orthopedic medical devices
  • Lymphedema therapy garments

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Featured: Medical Fabrics

Shawmut has been the laminate fabric developer for some of the most prominent names in surgical gowns and drapes in the healthcare market.

Durable Barrier Medical Fabrics

Our durable barrier medical fabrics meet ASTM 1670 and 1671 requirements for blood and blood-borne pathogen protection. Our lamination services and laminate adhesive technologies allow material composites to maintain their protective properties through the rigors of numerous industrial launderings, autoclaving, and critical end-use applications, while retaining the vital, innovative textile features of the individual components.

Disposable Barrier Medical Fabrics

Our ability to laminate at high speeds and control adhesive add on weights below 3 grams per square meter makes us a competitive alternative to direct extrusion coating. Our room temperature curing adhesive system allows us to laminate thin barrier films without subjecting them to heat and excessive pressure.

Berry Amendment Compliant

Many of our latest PPE efforts, including medical fabrics and medical gowns, are Berry Amendment Compliant. Therefore, we meet the federal regulation for Berry compliance that requires Department of Defense funds to be spent on U.S. manufactured items to protect the United States industrial market in times of crisis.


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