Protex™ PPE from Shawmut, Designed and Made in America

Shouldn’t our Critical PPE be Made in America?

Since its founding in 1916, Shawmut Corporation has advanced
materials innovation to improve people’s lives. Now, using our rapid product innovation capabilities, we have developed a new domestic manufacturing operation to produce N95 respirators and isolation gowns. State of the art manufacturing equipment installed in an expanded facility based in West Bridgewater, MA will enable end-to-end production of up to 180 million masks per year.

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Protex™ N95 Particulate Respirator Model SR9520
  1. Shawmut Advanced Filtration Technology for Easier Breathability
  2. Integrated Nose Foam and Adjustable Clip
  3. Comfortable Fit for Extended Wearing
  4. Two Strap Welded Design for More Secure Fit


NIOSH Approved

Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, Shawmut’s new Protex™ Model SR9520 N95 Particulate Respirator is easier to breathe through thanks to its patent-pending Protex™ ADC™ All-Day-Comfort System. The Protex™ ADC™ System addresses user’s concerns that most molded-cup N95s are not comfortable to wear for long periods.

The Protex™ ADC™ System combines a unique soft but strong inner layer, incredibly lightweight but highly efficient and effective inner filtration layer, and high-sealing viscoelastic nose foam for a secure but comfortable seal.

Get Protex™ ADC™ for Advance Protection and Comfort.



  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Molded Cup-style; with US-Made highest-quality bi-layer melt blown filtration
  • Ultrasonically welded head straps
  • Adjustable aluminum nose clip for better fit
  • High-Sealing Nose Foam Pad
  • No exhalation valve
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News About Protex™ N95 Development

Shawmut Corporation is proud to partner with The Fallon Company to create our new domestic manufacturing operation to produce Protex™ N95 Respirators.

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Available in White and Blue, multiple styles


  • Light weight durable scrim reinforced barrier film laminate for enhanced protection
  • Compliant to Liquid Challenges associated with ANSI/AAMI PB70:12
  • Available as Berry Compliant: Meets Federal regulations for Berry Amendment compliance through U.S. manufacture
  • Level 1 and 2
  • Thumb loop design
  • Universal size
  • Recommended use: non-surgical, minimal fluid exposure procedures
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Available in full coverage or open back designs
  • Large production quantities available
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