Forged Through Creativity

We leverage our advanced process technologies and expertise to deliver custom-engineered materials solutions to solve the complex challenges industries face internationally. Our global team believes that no challenge is too great and that many of the problems we face are solved through dynamic and innovative textile approaches. As a company, we invest heavily in research and development, technology, and the development of next-generation advanced materials.


Durable Garments

We offer laminating services and technology which allow materials to pass the rigors of numerous industrial launderings, autoclaving, and critical end-use applications.

Darlexx® Stretch Barrier Laminates

Our proprietary Darlexx® fabric is an omnidirectional spandex warp knitted fabric with a layer of highly breathable elastic monolithic membrane that is windproof, waterproof, and breathable.

Low Cost Disposables

Our ability to handle extremely light-weight, non-woven fabrics and films at high speeds with precise control of adhesive laydown (low add-on weights) makes us a competitive alternative to direct extrusion coating.

Molding and Foaming-in-place

We are the largest North American laminator of automotive foam-in-place trim components, engineering composite materials that meet the critical needs of molding and foam-in-place applications.


Air and Liquid Containment

We have an unparalleled reputation for delivering advanced materials that conform to the demanding challenges of military specifications for potable water containment, fuel resistant fabrics for the construction of collapsible fuel tanks, or coatings that operate as long-term barriers to air and helium.


Molded and Die Cut Parts

We have multi-roll capability for high-volume production and shuttle die cutters for competitively priced low-volume production. Our CNC cutting ability for prototypes offers the advantage of testing part size configuration without having to commit to hard tooling expense before the final size is determined.

We also offer a variety of formable soft substrates for door panel inserts and other interior components. We provide low-volume molding, as well as multi-cavity capabilities, for cost-competitive high-volume soft molded inserts. Additionally, we offer wood and propylene-based products for high impact structural formed inserts to use in rear load door panels.