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Shawmut produces added-value laminated components for a diverse set of ultra-high spec protective technical fabric applications, such as flame, chemical and biological protection, and ultra-high-standard utility workwear. One of our core competencies is the development and production of laminated hard and softshell materials capable of providing waterproof breathable functionality. 

We utilize PVC/nonwovens and inherently flame-resistant fibers structured into woven and knit technical fabrics and combined with selectively permeable membranes, constructed with exacting tolerances and consistent output.

Defense & Protective Industries Applications

Aircraft Protection
From stealth to weather, we have fabric solutions.

FR Fabrics
Shawmut excels in producing advanced protective fabric composites for FR and arc applications.

Heavy Equipment Protection
Exacting performance and durability with engineered composite fabrics and material.

CBRN Protection Fabrics
High-spec performance fabrics that are also comfortable.

High-Performance Workwear
Flash- and arc-rated fabrics for demanding industries.

High-Spec Netting
Meshes and knits for apparel and protective applications.

Chemical and Biological Protection
Unlock the key to high-performing CBRN fabrics with Shawmut engineering.

Aerospace Interior Fabrics
Shawmut engineers have met the challenge of combining lightness with performance.


We Create Solutions to Your Production Challenges

Advancing Military Footwear

Shawmut's development of a waterproof breathable bootie for military applications revolutionizes defense footwear.

Flame Protective Barrier Fabric

Shawmut's innovative solution revolutionized protective textiles by laminating metalized film with a fire-retardant nonwoven.

Military-Grade CBRN Laminate

Overcoming challenges to develop an advanced waterproof, breathable laminate with enhanced chemical resistance for military and defense use.

Thermal Acoustic Insulation Blanket for Aerospace Applications

We revolutionized this category by reducing weight by 50% while preserving essential characteristics like flame retardance, electrical static dissipation, and more.

We’ll go to the ends of the earth with you to solve your toughest challenges.

Defense & Protective Industries Capabilities

Contracting Reference Codes

Cage Code: 8LF32


DUNS: 084652171

NAICS Codes Registered:

313240 – Knit Fabric Mills

313310 – Textile/Fabric Finishing mills

313320 – Fabric Coating Mills

314999 – All Other Miscellaneous Textile Product Mills

315210 – Cut and Sew Apparel Contractors

315280 – Other Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing

339113 – Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing