Looking for all-day-comfort in an N95 cup-style mask? Look no further. 

Shawmut's N95 respirators are available in Medium/Large and Small sizes to fit the widest range of face shapes and sizes.

N95 Particulate Respirator

Model SR9520 (size Medium/Large)

Model SR9520S (size Small)

NIOSH Approved | TC-84A-9295

Featuring the Protex™ All-Day-Comfort™ System

Made by Shawmut Corporation, a world leader in advanced materials, the Protex™ SR9520 and SR9520S are NIOSH approved N95 disposable respirators that meet NIOSH 42 CFR 84 N95 requirements for a minimum 95% filtration efficiency.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in America, the cup-style Protex™ N95 respirator was created with patent pending ADC Protex All-Day-Comfort System® technology so you can count on it to fit better, protect better, and breathe easier all day long.

An N95 respirator that doesn’t fit properly may not protect you. Protex™ N95s are designed to fit the widest range of face sizes and shapes and have received Fit Capability scores of up to 97% when tested against the ASTM F3407-20 Respirator Fit Capability (RFC) standard. Protex™ N95s come in two sizes: SR9520 (Medium/Large) and SR9520S (Small). Be sure to choose the size that’s right for you.

Get Protex™ ADC™ for Advanced Protection and Comfort

The Protex™ ADC™ combines a unique soft but strong inner layer, incredibly lightweight but highly efficient and effective inner filtration layer, high-sealing viscoelastic nose foam, and expanded force curve elastic head straps for a secure but comfortable seal.

MORE SECURE FIT – Protex™ N95s are designed to fit a wider range of face shapes and sizes. And a better fit means better performance: Protex N95s remove more than 95% of all 0.3+ micron particles.

BEST-IN-CLASS BREATHABILITY – Proprietary Shawmut MB™ filtering technology exceeds NIOSH N95 standards while delivering better breathability and cooler, fresher air inside the cup.

ALL-DAY COMFORT – Protex N95s feature softer, flanged edges that provide a more comfortable fit with less pressure on your face.

LESS EYEGLASS FOGGING – When formed around your nose and worn properly, the unique viscoelastic nose foam and aluminum nose clip reduce eyeglass fogging for better visibility.

Shawmut MB

We make the important N95 filter layer in-house using our Shawmut MB™ meltblown technology to meet our exacting specifications for the All-Day-Comfort™ System.


Protex™ N95 respirators are intended for respiratory protection and remove more than 95% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns such as those generated from sanding, cutting, sawing, polishing, mowing, yardwork, raking, painting, repairing, grinding or general cleaning, fiberglass insulation, construction debris, or other heavy industries. They are also appropriate for general public masking and traveling recommendations, as well as liquid or non-oil-based particles from sprays that do not also emit oil aerosols or vapors.



Finally able to buy masks made in USA!!!! Thank you SO MUCH. Awesome they're made in Massachusetts.

Lois Rowe

The masks are working well. Of all the masks we have used these are the tightest and best fitting masks of all of them.


Therapy Center, Massachusetts

The cushioning nose foam and the staple free attachment point make the mask extremely comfortable to wear. Having these masks available for our staff has truly given me peace of mind that our facility is protected from the COVID-19 virus.

Christine Reilly

The Boston Home

Great experience. Easy to order and delivered in 2 days. EXCELLENT quality materials and the elastic head bands don’t stretch or break. I am a customer for life thank you Shawmut!

Frank Defabio

The way the seal around the cheeks and nose is designed, it helps prevent eyeglass fogging better than any other design I have tried.

David Schurgin

To Whom It May Concern:

Just to let you know. The masks I ordered arrived today and THEY ARE PERFECT! Comfortable snug fit, good breathability, a relief to know that it’s possible to get quality manufactured goods from the U.S. Thank you. I’ll let friends know.

Robert Beckhardt M.D.

The fit is excellent, and consistent from mask to mask. Because of the excellent fit and construction, my eyeglasses do not fog as they do with other masks. They also do not smell objectionable, as some other N95 masks have.

David S.

I like the foam strip under the nose. It makes the fit and the seal better. Both times that I ordered I was impressed that they were shipped out the next day.

Lois T.

This is probably overall the best N95-compliant mask I've tried. I'd definitely recommend it if that is what you are looking for. It does interfere a bit with wearing glasses, though less so than some other N95 masks I've tried. Also, like all N95 masks I've seen or tried, the two straps are a bit more of a pain than the usual ear loops on cloth masks, but it needs those straps to get the seal necessary to meet the N95 standard.

Doug H.

I am always traveling internationally and feel it essential to fly during these times only using the N95 respirator. These masks are comfortable enough to use for long hours and long flights.

Laura S.

I used the N95 today and it is the best one I've had. The elastic is perfect... not too loose, not too tight. Doesn't break from the mask, or pull my hair. The mask doesn't collapse or leave marks on my face. And I especially like the foam around the nose. Awesome job!

Mary M.

We are thrilled to be able to get a locally manufactured N95 mask of such a high quality at a reasonable price. In comparison to other respirators we have used, Shawmut’s Protex N95 is extremely comfortable, soft and well-fitting.

Fran M.

All-Day-Comfort System logo

The Protex™ All-Day-Comfort™ System

Using 3D scanning, in-house testing and rapid prototyping, Shawmut innovated the N95 respirator with its patent-pending Protex™ ADC™ all-day-comfort system to include:

  • High-sealing, slow-recovery viscoelastic nose foam for a secure and comfortable seal that provides a better fit without excessive pressure on the face and skin
  • A uniquely soft but strong inner layer to reduce abrasiveness on the skin
  • An incredibly lightweight but highly efficient and effective inner filtration layer

Combined together, the components of the Protex™ All-Day-Comfort™ System deliver new levels of comfort, performance, fit, seal, and protection providing:

  • Less air resistance – our proprietary filtering technology exceeds N95 standards while allowing for lighter weight and higher breathability
  • Cooler and fresher air inside the respirator reduces humidity buildup
  • Less pressure on the face for all-day-comfort and wear, Protex™ N95 wearers feel the softness of the foam with less eyeglass fogging when shaped around the bridge of the nose properly

Key Features

  • Features the Protex™ All-Day-Comfort™ System
  • Made in the USA
  • Molded cup-style for enhanced fit and performance
  • Fits the widest range of face shapes and sizes
  • Sizes: Medium/Large (M/L) and Small (S)
  • Ultrasonically welded head straps
  • Adjustable aluminum nose clip for better fit
  • High-sealing viscoelastic nose foam pad
  • No exhalation valve

Learn how Shawmut’s Protex™ ADC™ System Innovated the N95

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Since its founding in 1916, Shawmut Corporation has advanced materials innovation to improve people’s lives. Now, using our rapid product innovation capabilities, we have developed a new domestic manufacturing operation to produce N95 respirators and isolation gowns. State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment installed in an expanded facility based in West Bridgewater, MA will enable end-to-end production of up to 180 million respirators per year.

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