Looking for All-Day-Comfort in an N95 cup-style mask? Look no further.

Shawmut N95 masks made in the USA

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N95 Particulate Respirator SR9520

NIOSH Approved | TC-84A-9295

Featuring the Protex™ All-Day-Comfort™ System

Shawmut – a world leader in advanced materials – has put everything we know into our Protex™ N95 molded-cup-style respirator, including our patent-pending Protex ADC™ All-Day-Comfort System. Our N95 mask is made in the USA.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Massachusetts, Shawmut’s new Protex™ Model SR9520 mask is easier to breathe through, as the Protex™ ADC™ System addresses users’ concerns that most molded-cup N95s are not comfortable to wear for long periods.

The Protex™ ADC™ System combines a unique soft but strong inner layer, incredibly lightweight but highly efficient and effective inner filtration layer, and high-sealing viscoelastic nose foam for a secure but comfortable seal.

Get Protex™ ADC™ for Advanced Protection and Comfort.

Protex™ N95 Particulate Respirator_Rendering
Protex™ N95 Particulate Respirator
  1. Soft, non-abrasive inner shell is precisely thermoformed for a superior fit
  2. Lightweight, super-high-efficiency filter layer is easier to breathe through
  3. Comfortable viscoelastic nose foam provides a secure seal and reduces eyeglass fog
  4. Expanded force-curve elastic head straps are engineered to fit a wider range of sizes


Finally able to buy masks made in USA!!!! Thank you SO MUCH. Awesome they're made in Massachusetts.

Lois Rowe

I am the Executive Administrator for the Sancta Maria Nursing Facility in Cambridge MA, and the Chief Operating Officer for Advocate Healthcare Management, and the Advocate of East Boston Nursing facility. Recently, I purchased several thousand N95’s from Shawmut. In these “new normal” times we now live in, it’s common to get bombarded with emails and phone calls from vendors all over the world trying to sell you various PPE items. You just don’t know who to believe; what to believe - and worry tremendously about the quality of the product once it arrives – or even if it will ever arrive.

My experience with your company was a breath of fresh air. From the initial inquiry phone call I made to your offices, through the ultimate on time – as promised delivery, I could not have asked for anything better.   You made the sales ordering process not only simple and efficient,   but supported it with pleasant and conscientious staff who actually listened to my concerns and needs. I was promised a delivery date, and you actually met it!! When we opened up the first box for the ultimate test of quality, the entire interdisciplinary Leadership team was pleasantly surprised with the extremely high quality of the product.    There was an immediate “Wow!” in the room. Even a new novice to PPE product could quickly differentiate the radical differences from your product to so, so many others that we fell victim to purchasing over the last 15 months of battling this deadly pandemic. And most importantly, once we began distributing the product to the actual Nurses, Aides,  Doctors and Therapists who depend on such quality to protect their own lives and the lives of their families - - the response was even more positive.   Some now, even refusing to take the older,  other inventory that we are trying to cycle out of the buildings - and insist only on wearing the Shawmut masks.

So I wanted to say “Thank you!” for simply “getting it all right!”. It’s comforting in these times to see a company that’s on a clear mission to support our healthcare workers with passion,   integrity and honor.

Thomas Gomes

Advocate Healthcare Management

The cushioning nose foam and the staple free attachment point make the mask extremely comfortable to wear. Having these masks available for our staff has truly given me peace of mind that our facility is protected from the COVID-19 virus.

Christine Reilly

The Boston Home

We are thrilled to be able to get a locally manufactured N95 mask of such a high quality at a reasonable price. In comparison to other respirators we have used, Shawmut’s Protex N95 is extremely comfortable, soft and well-fitting.

Fran Murphy

Fallon Company

All-Day-Comfort System logo

Key Features

  • Features the Protex™ ADC™ System
  • N95 mask made in the USA
  • Molded cup-style for superior fit and performance
  • Size M/L
  • Ultrasonically welded head straps
  • Adjustable aluminum nose clip for better fit
  • High-sealing viscoelastic nose foam pad
  • No exhalation valve
  • 20 masks/box; 12 boxes/case

The Protex™ ADC™ All-Day-Comfort System

Using 3D scanning, in-house testing and rapid prototyping, Shawmut innovated the N95 Mask with its patent-pending Protex™ ADC™ all-day-comfort system to include:

  • A uniquely soft but strong inner layer to reduce abrasiveness on the skin
  • An incredibly lightweight but highly efficient and effective inner filtration layer
  • High-sealing, slow-recovery viscoelastic nose foam for a secure and comfortable seal that provides a better fit without excessive pressure on the face and skin

Combined together, the components of the Protex™ ADC™ All-Day-Comfort System deliver new levels of comfort, performance and protection providing:

  • Less air resistance – our proprietary filtering technology exceeds N95 standards while allowing for lighter weight and higher breathability
  • Cooler and fresher air inside the mask reduces humidity buildup
  • Less pressure on the face for all-day-comfort and wear, Protex N95 mask wearers feel the softness of the foam with less eyeglass fogging when shaped around the bridge of the nose properly

Learn more about the Protex™ ADC™ System

Shouldn’t our Critical PPE be Made in America?
Is your N95 Mask Made in the USA?

Since its founding in 1916, Shawmut Corporation has advanced materials innovation to improve people’s lives. Now, using our rapid product innovation capabilities, we have developed a new domestic manufacturing operation to produce N95 respirators and isolation gowns. State of the art manufacturing equipment installed in an expanded facility based in West Bridgewater, MA will enable end-to-end production of up to 180 million masks per year.



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